Account Handling Service

Many Traders and Investors have come to us complaining that even though they are having capital , they are either

* Not able to Trade / Invest in market due to lack of time or
* Don’t know the right way to trade

and thus end up losing opportunities and making losses.

SMTI has come up with a solution regarding this. We present to you :


Since we’re your Sub-Brokers , we are authorized to Trade on your behalf after your consent is received.
Hence , Our Professionals will trade and generate you Profits you’ve always wanted in STOCK MARKET.

To start this service , a Minimum capital of Rs 50000 is required in your Dmat Account.


1. Service will be performed only on Angel Dmat Account opened through our given link.

2. No guarantee of capital protection or of returns is given to investors.

3. Minimum tenure for this service will be 6 months. It may be extended till 2 years.

4. Capital cannot be withdrawn by Investor at any point during the tenure fixed except where written approval of SMTI is obtained.

5. Profit/loss will be calculated as difference between opening capital and closing value of capital
including free cash and market value of investment standing.

6. Any additional capital can be introduced only after obtaining written approval of SMTI.

7. Client may request SMTI to trade / invest on stocks of his or her own choice. However, SMTI shall have his own discretion to accept or reject such requests.

Details about Fees :

* A One time Fees at the start of service will be charged @ 2% of Initial Capital. Subsequent additions to capital will also be charged @ 2 %.

* SMTI will not bear or contribute towards Loss generated due to this service.

Note :

Acceptance and continuation of this service by client would mean acceptance of all of the above Terms & Conditions without any restrictions , limitations and modifications.

Further it would also mean Client absolves SMTI from any liability incurred to client and waives the right to sue SMTI.

To join this service , Whatsapp “AHS” on 9131640898.