Debt Securities

SMTI offers its clients an opportunity to Invest in Highly Liquid and Safest Debt Securities in Indian Market to generate regular Income in form of Interest to Investors.
Investment in Debt Securities is an important aspect in formation of Portfolio.

Lets get to know more about Bonds/Debentures:

Debentures or Bonds , whether issued by a government or a corporation, has a specific maturity date, which can range from a few days to 20-30 years or even more. Based on the maturity period, bonds are referred to as bills or short-term bonds and long-term bonds.

Bonds have a fixed face value, which is the amount to be returned to the investor upon maturity of the bond. During this period, the investors receive a regular payment of interest, semi-annually or annually, which is calculated as a certain percentage of the face value and know as a ‘coupon payment.’

You’ll need a Demat Account from the Best Broker to help you invest in Debt Securities.

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